FUPPPS UP Editorial: Presidential Candidates Say No to Same Sex Marriage for Humans

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Washington, D.C., July 10, 2004:  President Bush has come out.  He has declared that granting rights of matrimony to gay human couples would completely wreck the institution of human marriage. 


The presumptive head of the Democratic Party, John Kerry, has also made his position regarding people's rights to gay marriage clear. For him too, nuptials are out.  But at least civil unions for same sex human couples are OK.


Once again, we beg of our leaders:  Take a stand on this issue as it applies to our furry and feathered friends!  And where do you guys stand in terms of froggy unions, muttrimonial rights for our slithery as well as the furred and airborne? 


We feel strongly that in this day and age, denying the right to wed the filly or bitch of choice is completely wrong-headed.  We applaud the ACLU for beginning to sue states that are keeping couples apart just because they are of the same gender!


How can anyone say no to the likes of Fred and Paul Pinsky, the brave antelopes who eloped to San Francisco recently?  "My little pal Paul is the sweetest thing," Fred ruminated over lattes in North Beach with our reporter.  "We love each other so much, but we've had to live together in sin.  Finally, after four years of sneaking around, the Mayor of San Francisco opened the doors for us to make our love known to the world. We leapt at the chance!"  Paul looked up adoringly at his new husband and uddered, "At last we can frolic freely.  Thank heaven for Mayor Newsome's courage under fire."


Please help us support couples like Fred and Paul.  Using the boxes below, write us today with your views, and sign our FUPPPS pet-ition!



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