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Welcome to the FUPPPS Editorial Archives, where our databank lets you review all the opinions fit to bark on the critical issue of same sex NIPtuals for the furry, feathered and slithery among us! 



San Francisco, CA, March 12, 2004:  It's a sad day here in our sunshine state, as we face a ban on further same sex NIPtuals, at least for now. But we must not let this little speed bump in our forward stampede kick us down while we're in the dumpster.  After all, there're still some pretty good pickings in here, right?  Just yesterday our friend Sarah found a whole mess of burgers tossed out by a cavalier host at a posh party on Snob Hill.


So, let's all keep focused on the bright side:  the Log Cabin Republicans are waging a terrific battle to keep government out of private kennels.


Let's build on their momentum and redouble our own recruiting efforts! Approach every wren, pigeon, hummingbird, pooch and feline, and every furless creature you run into, and encourage them sign the FUPPPS pet-ition.  This fight has only just begun!


UPDATE ON OUR BOWSER BROTHEL VOTES:  29,436 for, 566 against.  Scroll down for more info.


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