FUPPPS Editorial: We applaud Dogs Against Mitt Romney for President!

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How Could Mitt Romney Tie His Dog to the Roof of His Car?



FUPPPSYLVANIA, January 30: Today we are deviating from our usual platform -- defending our furry, feathered and slithery friends' rights to have sexual relations with whatever gender they choose -- in order to voice our outrage at Republican Candidate Mitt Romney for an egregious act of cruelty to doggies. The act was committed in the late 80's, during a family jaunt by the Romney Clan, and was brought to the country's attention again by the ad for Newt Gingrich in the 2012 Republican primary run-up. We thank Alert Doggie Folk Larry Ray and Maxwell Yerger for turning us on to the website devoted to fighting against Romney.

Here's what happened: Before peeling out of their driveway for a 12 hour drive to show the public how they epitomize family values, Mitt strapped their dog Seamus, in his dog carrier, to the roof of the car. In 2007, a reporter at the Boston Globe scratched his head when re-reading this bit of history, implying something did not smell quite right here. Then ABC caught the story, which you can now read online. An excerpt: "Physicist Dr. W. J. Llope, a senior faculty fellow at Rice University in the department of physics and astronomy, has his theory about the Romney's decision to strap Seamus to the top of the car.

"Seeing the inside of the car is full, Romney absentmindedly says to himself, 'Where am I going to put ole Seamus here?' and hearing his name, the dog says, 'Roof, roof,'" said Llope.

But as the article also points out, riding on the top of a speeding automobile for a number of hours is really dangerous. Poor Seamus would be hit by constant pressure from the air, and despite the windscreen put on the front of his carrier, the wind would whip around at intense speed on the other 3 sides. Plus, there would be pressure on the doggie's head the entire time. Not to mention his being trapped in his carrier for the twelve hours he was for this excursion.

Not nice at all! Won't you take a look at the website devoted to speaking out against this injustice to our furry brethren? Visit http://www.dogsagainstromney.com/ and join in the fight against Mitt for President.





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