FUPPPS Almost Daily Editorial Pages: Hold "W" By the Ears?

      FUPPPS Editorial - 'W' By the Ears?

By I.  Ben Hadd
Caretaker to Chobee the Cat


NOTE TO OUR VISITORS -- June 7, 2005:  Today's column marks our first guest editorial.  We applaud the author for his perspicacious take on important issues of the day.


While the issue of same sex unions is one of major importance for those of us with friends who have four paws, or two claws, or even three legs (some of my animal’s best friends are tripods), I feel the need to add to the political activism on another issue. The exploitation of our companions.

Some forty years ago a White House beagle was shown being held for photos by his  ears. A few years later Morris the finicky feline made his appearance. Then along came a Chihuahua hawking chalupas, a duck that can only quack one word (AFLAC) and a gecko that sometimes ends up in a sling. Is this demeaning or what?

Perhaps we should lobby to have other photos and descriptive means to inform the public without exploiting our pets; such as Cheney holding “W” by the ears. After all, they are the caricaturists’ favorite item. Or, a bobble-headed Monica doll commemorating the impeachment of a President. Maybe even some members of a congressional delegation going from hotel room to hotel room with the Gideons.

Since Rumsfield declared our military should be sensitive instead of sensible we should demand the same standards of conduct for all those influencing public opinion.


Approved by the FUPPPS Editorial Board


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