FUPPPS UP Editorial: Trump Flip Flops on Gay Rights

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Donald Trump is against gay marriage or NIPtualsTrump Flip Flops on Gay Rights. Stays Against Same Sex Muttrimony

New York, NY, August 1, 2016:  We are discouraged to report that the presidential contender for the Republiphants is more against gay muttrimony than for it. That is, one day he's sort of for it. The next day, he's vaguely against it. But his overriding opinion seems to be against.


Our intrepid reporter, Brunhilda Bulldog, has been sniffing out The Donald's confusing stance on this issue ever since the man declared he was going to run for the highest office in the land. He has issued a number of conflicting responses on the topic all during this period. Just last year, he said on Meet the Press that gay workers should not be fired just because of their sexual orientation.


However, Trump has not remained clear on this issue either. He came out in support of the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), introduced by anti-gay Republicans in Congress last year. FADA will permit all sorts of exemptions to enforcement by religious organizations. When he speaks to their members, he stresses he's against same sex rights, especially in muttrimonial matters. When he speaks to the public at large, he's all for gay rights.


And, all along, while claiming publicly he cares for LGBTQ rights, he offers no plan for legislation to back up the rights of members of the community. Not certainly in muttrimony, and not in the workplace. There is no plan to keep LGBTQ critters from being fired from their posts pulling sleds or carriages in places like Central Park, or protected from unkind humans in charge of man-critter operations across the land.


And more telling, Trump has said he will appoint Supreme Court Judges who will support him in re-writing the laws permitting same sex NIPtuals.


Brunhilda will be nipping at his heels throughout this campaign. At her own peril. Mr. Trump does not take well to reporters who challenge him, as we know. So do send our brave bulldog your heartfelt wishes for the strength to keep dogging this man's campaign.


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