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Atlanta, GA, March 23, 2004:  Well, OK, so Georgia put a halt to same sex NIPtuals today.  The important thing is, what are we going to do about it?


"We've got to be even firmer in our conviction that everyone should be able to marry their lifelong love," Selma Fleckindorf said in an interview this morning.  "My darling Clementine and I are so happy we were finally able to tie the bows we got from one of our weekly grooming sessions. Harry Porter, the man who lives with us, even catered a party.  We got to invite 25 pals from our Canine Same Sex Support Group.  All our guests had a ball, lots of them, actually."


It's high time we went after everyone we know and urged them to sign the FUPPPS Pet-ition today!  Scroll down for the link, and keep the work alive!


UPDATE ON OUR BOWSER BROTHEL VOTES:  52,034 for, 812 against.  Read the post that started the debacle.

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FUPPPS Almost Daily Editorial Page

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