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Washington, D.C., March 30, 2004: A recent poll taken by the I. M. Squirrely Research Institute underscores the trend -- pets in America have been getting more and more comfortable with others who are choosing same sex mates. We know US citizens have been growing more tolerant of gays in general, as witness all the films and television shows of the past few years, the latest example being "Queer Eye for the Straight Dog."


And, there has been growing support for gay horses in Mounted Police Forces across the country, as well as for pooches in the K9 Corps and Seeing Eye Dog programs. Now, the polls are showing surprising changes on a number of other aspects of the gay life for furry home and professional companions:



Support for gay seals in the Navy rose from 51% in a 1977 Gallup On poll to 80% in 2003.


Canine support for gay obedience instructors has grown from just 10% to 75% in the same polls.


A report completed in December, 2003 shows that 61% of the pooch and pussycat population would vote for a gay presidential contender, a sharp rise from the 12% so inclined in 1979, if they were allowed to vote.


Net, net, as they say in the advertising biz, "The majority of our population is now supportive of same sex unions," said Pamela Whippet, who gathered and analyzed the results of the recent polls for the Squirrely Institute. 


Tomorrow:  How will all this progress affect states such as Massachusetts, whose legislature just voted to pass a constitutional amendment banning same sex NIPtuals? 


Please take a moment to participate in our continuing poll on whether Caesar, the 26 year old childless gorilla, should be allowed to wed his new male companion (click here to read the March 27 FUPPPS editorial for the whole story):

I agree.  Let Caesar wed the boy!


I disagree! Boy apes should marry girls only!


I'm not sure what's right for humans, let alone gorillas.

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