Georgia Citizens Morph from Goobers to Crackers

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Alanta, GA April 2, 2004:  "Fer heaven's sake!" Archie McTavish cried out.  "What's our state coming to? We used to be known for goobers.  Now we're getting a name for crackers."


Archie, Leader of the Pack of Gay Pooches and Cats, was commenting on the fear permeating his state regarding same sex NIPtuals. According to information reported by the New York Times this week, Georgia has joined Massachusetts in passing a measure that would put the idea of a constitutional ban on gay marriage up for a vote among the people of the state.  The governor is expected to sign. 


Right now, Georgia is one of about twelve states that already have leash laws banning same sex NIPtuals, but this year the Peachy State's legislators decided to put more teeth into them.  Though the move passed with just two votes over the two-thirds majority required, it does reflect a direction that has same sex advocates chewing their claws -- surveys are showing that the majority of pups and pussycats is in favor of cutting off the option for same sex unions.


"We're going to contact Brigadier Fronterra, the fearless Dane who created a terrific stink in Boston,* to see how to organize our own protest here on Peachtree Street," Archie announced.


Arguments against the move to amend the constitution of the state are being examined by the Coalition of Gay Canines and Felines assembling in Atlanta during the next few days for a convention.  On the side of not approving the ban is the reasoning that it is wrong to restrict the rights of any individual.  More arguments to this effect will be brought to the floor of the convention. 


We are sure the groups will mount a solid offense against this dash to the old days of discrimination against segments of the pooch and pussycat population in our country, as well as special cohorts of frogs, turtles and all living creatures. Support the Coalition.  Add your bark to the argument in the comment box below! 




FUPPPS Editorial Board


* For more on Brigadier Fronterra and the events in Boston, see FUPPPS March 31 editorial, "Can States resist the floods of protest?"


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