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Van Nuys, CA, March 25, 2004:  Families are changing, according to many reports in the media.  As marriages of humans fall apart more and more, people marry later and later in life, and older folks face widowhood, single householders are on the rise.  All long for companionship.  What fills the need better than furry home companions?


Hence, the new family incorporates our pets more and more as members of our own tribe.  Pet products are exploding. Every day more articles to pamper pooches and pussycats especially come on the market.  You can find special aromatics to heal various maladies such as stress.  In pups one stresser is premature extraction -- being jerked away from fire hydrants before marking them. Result?  Pools of liquid in unlikely places in the house.  Felines are known to shred everything in sight in protest, as human companions unthinkingly dispose of favorite toys their little darlings have completely torn apart.


One stresser that is completely avoidable is blocking our little friends from fulfilling their hearts desire -- marrying the dog or cat they've loved. Stand up for their right to bed the mate -- legally -- they wish.  Sign our FUPPPS pet-ition now to get the message to our politicians!  It's time we got the state judiciaries to reinstate the right to engage in wedlock regardless of genus or gender, and save our furniture and floors!


UPDATE ON OUR BOWSER BROTHEL VOTES:  75,034 for, 962 against.  Visit the original column on the subject for more info.

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