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Report #4 from the capitol, while we are here investigating rumors of the threat to take over Fupppsylvania's homelands and media (see FUPPPS April 17 editorial, Homeland in Peril)

Flounder Town, Fupppsylvania, May 4, 2004:  Townspeople were in an uproar of sympathy yesterday, joining thousands of citizens from the surrounding countryside to gather at the castle gates, in protest over the possible takeover of "The Flounder Town Gazette" by media baron Reginald Murdock.


Banners reading, "'Gazette for Gazelles, Pooches and Pussycats!"  and "Keep Big Media out of our Fur!"  are still in evidence all over town. 


Residents fear they won't get the straight poop, let alone that for gay couples, if the bigs buy up their papers, and other media, as threatened. "Everything will get all twisted round to their point of view, guv," Elliot Gooding, our dog-about-town informant said.  "You can see it happening every day on the telly and in papers from the States.  It's a frightful condition. Though we do applaud reporters, TV people and publishers for revealing very negative conditions in the war in the middle east last week. That took courage!  But the real story is missing most of the time.  And we don't want that to happen to us, do we, boys?"  Elliot addressed the crowd at the bar near the castle.


"No way, Elliot!" they chorused.  Gerald Smythe, the main farrier in town, piped up, "We need to know what's going on here in Fupppsylvania, the real skinny, what our own people and pooches and all are thinking.  The yeas and nays on bowser brothels, and such like (see our March 7 editorial). Murdock and his gang would never print stories like that.  All they care about is celebrity bashing, and printing politically correct, meaning nowadays, laundered, news. We say, bah!  Humbug!"


No word could be fetched from the Murdock camp this morning. We continued to eat our steak and kidney pie, chewing over the degree of anger the guys in the pub displayed. There's no telling where all this pent-up rage will lead them...



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